Wednesday, August 10, 2016


When it rains it pours! We haven't really had a local UT race since the Toughman Utah Half, but now we have two falling on the same day. We need to work that out, right?

In addition to Jordanelle, RaceTri's Black Ridge (or "Escape From Black Ridge") tri in Herriman is a great race in the Salt Lake valley.
Escape From Black Ridge has been around for 6 years or so, historically as a sprint only race. However, last year they added an Olympic distance option as well.
Here are a few notes about the race from people who have done the event at least 2x - whether you're a newbie or a veteran, we encourage you to go for it!

  • There are 2 transition areas, so make sure you allow enough time to set up.
  • Black Ridge reservoir is small, a great first open water triathlon for beginners but fun for all levels 
  • The water is usually warm and (if doing the sprint) it's short enough that you don’t necessarily need a wetsuit, although you'll always be faster with one.
  • T1 used to be on the beach and it was a big disadvantage to be at one end vs. the other (carrying bike across the sand). Now that it's all paved and built out, it's less important where you position yourself.
  • Big descent with some twists coming right away. RaceTri says people occasionally end up in front yards. Could be worse… be smart!

  • There's a long incline as you head west, then a steep incline on bacchus. You have time to recover after that with some nice downhill all the way to Herriman high school though, so don’t be too cautious
  • Be alert on where to turn and know the course. Last year I followed someone on a relay team who will remain nameless (cough cough Aaaaaustin Swayt) down a wrong path, cost us some time. That's on me though!
  • Just be aware there's a descent into T2. Saw someone wipe out pretty hard last year.
  • Good run course.. decent sized hill in first mile. Slight decline heading north. Turn onto a path halfway through which is kinda cool. Slight incline once you turn back north.
  • As you approach the finish, you'll turn along the fence the same way you came out, then turn left…. that section is an incline and kinda rocky terrain right there. You’re almost to the finish line but not close enough to turn on the jets yet. Be tough thru that stretch, then let it rip to the finish once you turn onto the grass.



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