Thursday, April 6, 2017


Just the name alone should tell you that TriUtah is legendary when it comes to Utah triathlon. Our post, "TriUtah: The Prequel," (which essentially gave a history lesson on triathlon in the state), is one of our most popular to date.

Here's some fantastic stuff from TriUtah owner Dan Aamodt that we wanted to share. Help spread the word and get your friends and family out to the races this year! While you're at it, get yourself out there too! There are probably some races you've never done or haven't done in a while. Support the local race scene and let's have some fun this season.

Try any TriUtah race for only $50!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, we're serious! Here's the deal:

We are excited to announce a new program called TRY-A-TRI. This is an incentive to anyone who has thought about participating in a triathlon, or hasn't participated in a TriUtah specific event in the past three (3) years, to give it a go!

This program is NOT JUST FOR NEWBIES! It also rewards our loyal patrons who participate with us annually to try a TriUtah event they haven't tried before.

Here's How It Works:


1) If you haven't raced in any TriUtah event in 2014 or before, we want to show you how amazing TriUtah events are. Remember what it felt like crossing that finish-line? We want you back racing and playing with us! See for yourself what you've been missing the past 3 years, and do it for only $50 bucks!

2) If you have a friend or family member who has never tried a TriUtah event, or any triathlon for that matter, he/she can race for $50 bucks!

3) If you have been a participant with TriUtah the last 3 years, or are already registered or planning to register for a race this year. We'd like to reward you with an additional race to any TriUtah event you have not tried since 2014, for, oh, let's say $50 bucks! (kinda like a buy one, get one for $50)


A) You must be a nice person! Mean people suck!
B) TriUtah will verify the qualifications with our registration database dating back to 2014.
C) This promotion does not qualify for the TriUtah rebate program (see website for details)
D) The $50 offer is for a single TriUtah event only, and is only valid for the 2017 season.
E) If you are interested in offer #3, you must be currently registered for a TriUtah 2017 event by April 15th.
F) This offer is not valid 7 days prior to the event you choose.


Simply email us at and let us know which race you want to participate in, and if this is your first event or if you are currently registered for a race.

Be sure to visit for our current calendar of events.

Once we receive your request, we will verify our records and issue you a code for the $50 registration. Please allow 72 hours to receive your code.

Please share this offer to everyone you know!


The TRY-A-TRI program is something we've been brainstorming for a while. Utah has an amazing triathlon following with many events to choose from, awesome clubs, great retail stores, coaches and more. We want more people to experience what avid triathletes already know - how great this amazing sport of triathlon really is, especially here in Utah!

I'm personally excited about this program as we hope it increases awareness of triathlon and participation in the sport.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the TriUtah open-house party in May where we will have giveaways, food, and detailed course previews for each event. Did we mention food and giveaways?

I personally want you to know our team will do everything we can to make your race experience the best ever in 2017. And with some amazing new sponsors this year, we believe it will be!

As tri-geeks ourselves, we are excited about the TRY-A-TRI program and know you will see why TriUtah has the best events in Utah. If you ever have an issue or concern, please reach out to me and I'll personally make sure you're taken care of. 

Here's my email:

I look forward to seeing you this year!


Dan Aamodt
Owner, TriUtah

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