Sunday, July 16, 2017

Results Breakdown: Toughman Utah Half

Congrats to everyone who got out to race the Toughman Utah Half.

This post has more detail behind the results breakdown methodology if you're interested.

Along with other Utah races, we'll use these results towards SWAG ANNOUNCEMENT 2017Remember we take the average of your 3 best local races (overall %) for "Most Improved Triathlete" awards, rankings, etc, so plan your season accordingly!

The San Rafael Classic Triathlon & Topaz Triathlon also took place yesterday, and we'll post those results soon as well. For all 3 races...

The next few qualifying races on the Utah calendar are:

Aug 12:  Jordanelle (S & O) - Francis
Aug 12:  Escape From Black Ridge (S & O) - Herriman

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