Sunday, August 20, 2017

Utah Age Group Rankings 2017 - WOMEN ROUND 2

It’s time for Round 2 of the Utah Tri Buzz 2017 age group rankings!

We stand & applaud everyone on the list. Regardless of individual rank, these are all people who have gotten out to race and who support the local scene.

Think about it, how many people stayed in bed while you were out testing your limits?? 
How many others are active, yet too chicken to ever toe a start line??

Kudos to everyone in the rankings... you're strong in both body & mind!

Lastly, keep in mind this is for FUN... please don't take the rankings too seriously.

The methodology is simple:

* To be eligible for Round 2 Rankings, must have raced at least 2 of these 14 events on the local calendar (23 total races counting Sprint/Olympic options):

  • Icebreaker (Apr 8)
  • Ironman St. George 70.3 (May 6)
  • Salem Spring (May 13)
  • Sand Hollow - Sprint/Olympic (May 20)
  • East Canyon - S/O (Jun 10)
  • Rock Cliff - S/O (Jun 17)
  • Daybreak - S/O (Jun 24)
  • DinoTri - S/O (Jun 24)
  • Echo - S/O (Jul 8)
  • Toughman Utah Half (Jul 15)
  • San Rafael - S/O (Jul 15)
  • Topaz - S (Jul 15)
  • Jordanelle - S/O (Aug 12)
  • Black Ridge - S/O (Aug 12)

Round 1 (thru June): 2 race minimum
Round 2 (mid Aug): 2 race minimum
Round 3 (end of season): 3 race minimum (average of your top 3 races)

* The final rankings will be the basis for several “Most Improved” and other awards, not just awards for AG winners/podiums.

* Like last year, we take the AVERAGE of everyone’s top 3 races for the final rankings… this provides some incentive to get out and race often, as you can only help yourself by racing more. For example, if you have an off day, or even a dreaded DNF, that result will shake out of your top 3 average if you race 4+ times.

* We use your Overall % to calculate the rankings (which is shown in all the individual race “Results Breakdowns” we post). This is simply how you placed vs. the field - if you placed 60th out of 100 at a race, that’s 60%. If you placed 80th out of 200 at another, that’s 40%. In this case those two then average to 50%.

Your 50% average would then be stacked up to the rest of your age group for the rankings.

Last races up!

Sep 9:    Kokopelli (S & O) - St. George
               Bear Lake Brawl (S & O)
Sep 16:  Camp Yuba (S & O)
               Brineman (S, O, H) - Syracuse
               Bear Lake Brawl (Half & Full)

Oct 28:   Southern Utah Triathlon - St. George  ... TBD if will count for 2017 or 2018

So if you've participated in 2 qualifying races so far, it only takes ONE of these late-season events to qualify for the FINAL, "WALL OF FAME" rankings and become eligible for awards & swag (most improved awards, AG awards, etc). If you've raced 3+ times, racing again can only help you, as your "worst" results will shake out of your Top 3 average.

Get out and race!

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