Saturday, January 20, 2018


Believe it or not, the infamous 300m swim, 12 mi bike, and 5k run known as the Ice Breaker is only two months away...

Here are the TOP 10 REASONS why you should break the ice in 2018!

10) According to the official Utah Tri Buzz crystal ball, March 24th is destined to be 65 and sunny with 1-2 mph winds*

9) Even if said prediction is somehow wrong, the tougher the conditions, the more epic the post-race high five

8) The American Fork Fitness Center pool promises to be right on point - not too cold, not too hot

7) A nice lil' measuring stick... been training hard? Come and see where your fitness is at. Been in hibernation all winter? No worries, come have some fun and get a baseline measurement in.

6) First race up of the inaugural Utah Triathlon Championship Series. Get a race under your belt right off the bat and set yourself up for a great season.

5) Venturing to Oceanside in April or St. George in May? Why not kick off the race cobwebs, make sure your bike's in working order, you remember which way your helmet goes on, etc, etc?

4) Utah Tri Buzz is still working through our SWAG hit list... if you've been eluding us, come and collect!

3) You just want a crazy endorphin rush on a spring Saturday... won't regret it!

2) Hang out with current & future friends and feel the BUZZ of the local race scene

1) Aaron Shamy pre-race speech. Nuff said.

come hang out with current and future buds

So hope to see you there, and bring a friend or three. This is truly a race for beginners and veterans alike.

Not racing?? Volunteer! The more the merrier, RaceTri would surely love your support.

Link to register:  Ice Breaker 

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