Monday, February 26, 2018

New Utah Triathlon Team!

Intermountain Healthcare is well known for being the largest healthcare provider as well as the largest employer in the state of Utah.

What you may not have known is it's also the title sponsor of Utah's newest triathlon team.

Intermountain's recently announced CEO, Dr. Marc Harrison, just so happens to be an avid triathlete on the side.

He wanted to create a team based on the following principles:

1) Triathlon for all as a way to "LiVe Well" in a healthy lifestyle
2) No membership fees, and everyone is welcome at all team events
3) All members will have access to an experienced triathlete "mentor" to help navigate beginning and/or improving in the sport

That's the jist of what's been communicated to us so far... stay tuned for more info as it's announced, and feel free to check out this site to learn more! Intermountain Triathlon

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