Monday, July 18, 2016

Echo Breakdown - 2016

Assisted by a couple of number crunching fellow triathletes, we'll be breaking down 2016 results race by race. The idea is to show everyone's percentile for each discipline, which is simply your swim rank, bike rank, etc. divided by the # of total participants. That way you can better compare your performance from one race to the next. Lower # the better!

Echo has been a great race since the late 90's and this year's edition was no different. Some highlights from the Olympic distance race were the women's podium separated by a mere ~40 sec and an epic duel between Jorge de Amorim Filho and Andrew Hall.

For the sprint it was Rio bound Chris Hammer holding off a few young bucks on his team and Megan Foley winning in dominating fashion.

Special thanks to Sportstats for supplying the source data... visit here for the official results page, and contact here for any questions.

As always you can click on any of the snapshots below to make them a little bigger.



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