Sunday, June 26, 2016

Echo, Echo, Echo - Race Preview & Tips

FYI we've added a "calendar" tab, which has a lot of races but is still a work in progress.

July has some epic races including Echo (7/9), the Toughman Utah Half (7/16), and Spudman (7/30) in Burley, ID. There's also the very cool-looking Doxa Threelay (7/29-30, like a triathlon Ragnar) that Utah's own Iron Cowboy is associated with.

Echo is a classic, around since the late 90's I believe. I moved to Utah in 2010, and have since done the Olympic every year but one. Based on my experience as well as reaching out to a few others, here are some insights about this great race.


Kinda like Rock Cliff, Jordanelle and others, requires a short bike to the start. It's only ~2 miles, and serves as a good little warm up.

"In the past there’s been a port-o-potty near the high school (where you park), might wanna consider hitting that instead of waiting in line at the venue."

"Allow yourself plenty of time. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever felt “rushed” at Echo, but I’ve never had tons of time either (for the Olympic). That's probably more on me, but just saying."


Two 750m loops, pretty standard.

"Some years the sun can be pretty blinding. If you have tinted goggles consider taking them."

"Water level can vary greatly. In past year’s there’s been a long-ish run from the water to T1. Take old shoes for this just in case."


"Out and back, 'false flat' to slight incline on way out. Miles 5-12 make up most of that (for Olympic). I tend to average a full 5 mph faster on the way back, so keep that in mind."

"Don’t get distracted - watch the road, there are some rough sections/few potholes to avoid."

"Kinda rocky into T2. This is the only race where I don’t do a flying dismount… I just clip out and run in my shoes."


Out and back on the old rail trail. Painful while racing, but relatively "fun" course.

Watch your step though, it’s a little rugged in parts. More or less pancake flat.

"The path bends before the finish line, so even late in the race the finish line seems forever away. If you race with GPS, trust the mileage and start picking it up before you can actually see the finish line."

Coalville in relation to SLC 

Echo OLYMPIC Results - 2015

Echo SPRINT Results - 2015

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