Saturday, February 25, 2017

Recon Mission - Icebreaker Video Preview

Another week, another recon mission, this time venturing to American Fork to scout RaceTri's Icebreaker.

The Icebreaker has historically been held in March, although this year it's been pushed back a couple weeks to April 8th. It has a similar format as TriUtah's Ghost Town (April 22), with a 300m pool swim, ~12 mile bike and 5k run.

This preview isn't affiliated with RaceTri, so apologies if something isn't perfect.

Check out the course videos below, and please share with friends/family who may consider breaking the ice a mere six weeks from today!

Icebreaker SWIM

Icebreaker T1

Icebreaker BIKE

Icebreaker T2

Icebreaker RUN

Main site: RaceTri

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