Friday, June 17, 2016

Results Breakdown - Icebreaker 2016

Assisted by a couple of number crunching fellow triathletes, we'll be breaking down 2016 results race by race. The idea is to show everyone's percentile for each discipline, which is simply your swim rank, bike rank, etc. divided by the # of total participants.

This way you can evaluate your performance on a more even playing field race to race, and eliminates the following scenarios:

1) Thinking you had a "bad swim," for example, when really the course was long and/or conditions were rough. Over time you can compare your results to see if your S% is improving, staying the same, or digressing race to race. Eg. you could see that "last year at the Utah Half my Swim % was 72% and I lowered it to 48% this year... my hard work is paying off!"

2) Taking too much stock in where you placed. "I placed 200th" doesn't necessarily sound very great, but if you're talking about St. George 70.3 you're ~10% overall and an animal in my book!

First up is RaceTri's Icebreaker. Let's take my buddy Austin Swayt as an example:

S% = 7%
T1% = 2%
B% = 2%
T2% = 1%
R% = 16%
O (overall)% = 4%

So clearly at least in this race, he's a terror on the bike, really fast in transition, and a strong swimmer. Running was his relative weakness. I vaguely remember him telling me he puked his guts out on the course...

Lastly, let me know if you want the excel version of any results... happy to share!

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