Saturday, March 25, 2017

Congrats SLTC!!

A big shout out to SLTC's Ethan Fisher & Mandy Oscarson (who doubles as a Utah Tri Buzz contributor) for providing this content and congrats to the entire Salt Lake Tri Club on a job well done!!

The USA Triathlon National Club Challenge is a 3-month competition from December to February where athletes and triathlon clubs nationwide compete against each other by logging swim, bike, and run miles on the official USAT website. There are various awards throughout the competition, most importantly bragging rights as the greatest triathlon clubs in the nation.

The 2016-17 Challenge ended February 28, and the final results were just released by USAT March 23rd. USAT changed the scoring a bit this year, focusing on average weighted miles per club member, in addition to total miles within each club's Division. More than 1,500 athletes representing 101 Clubs participated this year.

Salt Lake Tri Club (SLTC) had about 70 of its 350+ club members participate this year, placing it in the Division 4 Category… here’s how they fared:

Swim session (December): 3rd among Division 4 Teams with 691 total swim miles

Bike session (January): 1st overall IN THE NATION with 513 average miles per member, and 1st among Division 4 teams with 35,389 total miles.

Run session (February): 1st overall IN THE NATION with 247 average weighted miles per member, and 2nd among Division 4 teams with 3,784.29 total run miles.

Overall: 2nd IN THE NATION with 1,505 average weighted miles per member, and 1st overall among Division 4 teams with 103,886 total miles (2nd IN THE NATION falling only to Bob Babbit's Triathlon Club of San Diego, who had way more participants).

the Top 10 among Division IV clubs

Marie Mullen and Amy Webber Stanfield finished 6th and 7th IN THE NATION with the most total miles among all female athletes. The Club also had many other athletes finish in the top 10 during the swim, bike and run individual sessions.


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