Saturday, November 5, 2016

Offseason Inspiration: SLTC Kickr Lab

Need a little offseason inspiration?? I had the chance to check out both SLTC's and BAM's indoor cycling programs this morning, which was really fun.

Shortly before 7AM I walked into a room dripping with sweat, pain and agony, just how we like it, as SLTC was in the middle of a 20-min FTP test. That said there were definitely positive vibes from the group! 

Here are some pictures, along with information about the program if you'd like to join.

Saturdays : 6AM

11/5 1:30
11/12 1:30
11/19 2
11/26 2
12/3 2:30
12/10 2:30
12/17 3
1/7 3
1/14 3:30
1/21 3:30
2/4 4
2/11 4
2/18 4
2/25 4
3/4 4
3/11 4
3/18 4
3/25 4

Location: 556 E 12300 S Draper, UT 84020 (Located in the Precision Dance Center)

Items you need: bike, cycling trainer, bike shoes, towel, water/nutrition, and good attitude

Items you want: Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence meter, Smart Phone

Items not needed: Bad attitudes and Quitters

"FTP tests are hard. We have only had one person throw up but everyone always feels like they want to . That's good it means you went hard. What we don't want is you to throw up in the first 5 mins. Pace the FTP test as best as possible. You want the line to steady increase and try to leave everything on the test. It's not best to go as hard as you can the last min. You should have a steady increase. Most ppl start off way to hard and burn out. My advice would be start off easy then build. Break it up into 4 x 5min intervals each interval go harder. This helps make time go by faster. After the FTP test your results will help us build your zones which then are used for all future workouts and to get a baseline. We will retest every 4-6 weeks."

Unfortunately some SLTC members on our list weren't present, but I was able to give awards to the following awesome people:

Jeff Bosch - raced 6x

Afton Ware Swensen - raced 8x

Gerald Brady - raced 7x (forgot to ask
him to rock his Utah Tri Buzz headband)

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