Saturday, February 18, 2017

Recon Mission - Ghost Town Video Preview

The other day I ventured to Tooele with two missions at hand 1) escape inversion air in the valley for a run and 2) do some recon work on TriUtah's Ghost Town tri!

I enjoy exploring new places, and scouting the course definitely got me pumped for the upcoming season.

So check out the course videos below and consider doing Ghost Town as a nice early season race on April 22!  PLEASE NOTE: it appears from the TriUtah site that the race is now April 29th.

Great for all levels, and if you're doing St. George 70.3 two weeks later, this would be a fun "kick off the cobwebs" race as part of your taper (there's also a 5k if any non-triathlete family members wanted to get involved).

This preview isn't affiliated with TriUtah, just an age grouper doing a little recon, so my bad if something isn't perfect. I did reach out to Dan Aamodt for a quick comment, and here's what he had to say: "It's a cool, fun race. The bike has 3 loops to make it great for newbies and families to see their athletes on the course... everyone gets a cowboy hat, medal, shirt... and don't forget the sweet beer stein mug awards!" (fill those bad boys with beer, root beer, sweat, blood, tears, etc... whatever you want :)

Ghost Town SWIM

The best I could do is a picture of the Pratt Aquatic Center, as the pool was closed for renovations.  :(

From the TriUtah site: "The swim is 300 yards with athletes starting single file, jumping feet first, one at a time, and swimming 50 yards, then crossing lanes."

Ghost Town BIKE video

Ghost Town RUN video

Main site: TriUtah

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