Monday, June 10, 2019

Results Breakdown: East Canyon 2019

Congrats all!

The East Canyon Olympic marked Race #5 of the Utah Triathlon Championship Series, with the next races up in the series being:

#6 The Utah Half (June 22nd)
#7 Echo Olympic (July 13th)
#8 Jordanelle Olympic (August 10th)

Keep in mind that each of these events has non-Championship Series options as well (Utah Half sprint & olympic, Echo sprint, Jordanelle sprint). For these our emphasis is less on results, rankings, etc and more on getting people out to experience triathlon.

Also, don't forget about these other local races:

DinoTri (June 29th)
Topaz Tri (July 13th)
San Rafael Classic (July 13th)

In general we hope you'll support the local race scene, and let's continue making 2019 an awesome season.

Below is the results breakdown for the East Canyon Olympic, and this post explains what this is if you need a refresher.


Below are links to all the races in the 2019 Championship Series:

Below are links to all Challenger Races:

We started a Patreon account (link below) with the hope of raising a few bucks towards awards & swag for athletes of all abilities in our tri community. We've given out a lot over the past 2 years, but would like to continue to expand our offerings & the volume we can do.

If you enjoy Utah Tri Buzz and would like to pitch in, any amount would be greatly appreciated... (there may be something in it for you as well!)

We're also always grateful for talented people who contribute in terms of time... let us know if you'd like to be part of the Utah Tri Buzz team.

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