Monday, June 27, 2016

Utah Age Group Rankings: Local Pros & Rising Stars

We decided it would be fun to take the results breakdown to another level...

Here's the first look at our not perfect, but hopefully interesting age group rankings part-way through the season.

The methodology is pretty simple:

* Utah races only, updated through Rock Cliff & East Canyon (both were on June 11th)

* To be eligible, must have raced at least 2 of the races listed below:

  • Icebreaker  (RaceTri)
  • Ironman St. George 70.3
  • Ghost Town  (TriUtah)
  • Salem Spring  (RaceTri)
  • Sand Hollow S/O   (BBSC)
  • Daybreak S/O  (USTriSports)
  • Rock Cliff S/O  (RaceTri)
  • East Canyon S/O  (TriUtah)

* Will update as we go thru the season... more people will become "eligible" with more races

* Ranking is an average of your Overall %... so as a simple example if you placed 60th out of 100 in one race, 500th out of 1,000 in another, and 40th out of 100 in another, you average out to 50% for the three

So, under that criteria, here are the rankings for our local pros & young SBR beasts!

If you're friends with someone on the list, please spread the word so they can bask in their much-deserved glory :)

The rest of the age groups coming soon!


  1. I raced against Napoleon. He had a sweet bike. Old school shifters on the roadie down tube, pulling Rory Duckworth on his rollerblades. Not as sweet as his friend Pedro's bike. A Sledgehammer, with shocks and pegs - Lucky!

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