Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Call To Action - GET OUT & RACE!

School is in full swing, football season has arrived, and you may be on the fence about racing again or throwing in the towel. After all, we’re in September, you might say… time to shut it down.

To that we say... "really??" Are you really ready to “tear down” your swim/bike/run fitness and hunker down for the winter?? Come on! The weather's great and you’re in race shape... LET'S DO THIS.

Here's a famous pre-game speech with a classic "slow clap" to get you in the mood.

It’s a long offseason until our first local race, RaceTri's Icebreaker, rolls around. Sure, you'll set some big hairy goals for next year, but why not get another taste of the finish line this weekend??

There are 4 great local options to choose from, but you better pull the trigger before it's too late!

BRINEMAN - Sprint/Olympic/Half

Show your support for Brineman, a new race from TriUtah with a great venue. The swim takes place in a man-made water skiing lake that looks pretty sweet. You ride out and back on the Antelope Island causeway... flat/fast and part of this year's Tour of Utah course. If you're doing the half you'll also get some hills on the island itself. The run looks flat, fast, and fun.

Here's the link to learn more: Brineman


Where's Yuba? If you've never done this one you might not know. Maybe you've passed the exit on I-15 and thought to yourself "oh yeah, I think there's a race there." As you can see by the map, it's actually not too far out of the way.

RaceTri's Camp Yuba has a chill, low-key vibe, and camping at the state park the night before a la Spudman is a great option. You can also hit up a hotel in nearby Scipio.

The water's nice, you have very little traffic to deal with on the bike, and the run is a great mix of roads and trails.

Here's the link to learn more: Yuba

Kokopelli - S/O

 If you live down south, Kokopelli is a perfect option. Also could be worth the trip if you're planning on St. George 70.3 next May and want to get a feel for the venue. 
Here's the link to learn more: Kokopelli

Bear Lake Brawl - S/O (with half & FULL 9/17)

Last but not least, if you're up north (or one of our Idaho readers), the Bear Lake Brawl has your name on it. The water and whole area around Bear Lake is gorgeous... nuff said!

Here's the link to learn more: Bear Lake Brawl

Regardless of which one you choose, we hope to see you out there this weekend... go get it!

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