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IMCDA Race Report - Jorge de Amorim Filho

Utah Tri Buzz readers are in for a tasty treat today as Jorge de Amorim Filho (aka @d0ctordelicious) whips together his race report from CDA... incredible performance from one of our own and a great read!!

This last season has been full of ups and downs. My 1st and 2nd full distance races (IMCDA and IMTX) were plagued with suboptimal weather and nutrition and worst of all, CRAMPING. After Oceanside 70.3 this year, I thought I had overcome these issues when I actually put together a good race and placed first in my age group, but in May, IMTX followed which was both physically and mentally challenging. I thought I had my nutrition issues under control, but again severe cramping made me wonder if I would ever be able to RUN a full marathon. I sat down with my coach, Wes, knowing the next months would be crucial if I was going to achieve my goal of qualifying for Kona at IMCDA. We had 3 months to get my nutrition and conditioning in check.

The prep for IMCDA was intense. Wes jacked up my mileage in all 3 disciplines to optimize my fitness. We transitioned my nutrition from solid calories and gatorade + salt to straight PhD nutrition. PLUS I had new motivation...MY BABY ENZO, who was born the day after IMTX. That was an epic story for a later date that involved some creative travel plans. Ali was a trooper and took care of Baby Enz while I put in some major hours...

The week of IMCDA was all fun. Taper is always weird and stressful. I've hit some and missed some in the past. My body was not feeling great until about 48 hours before the race (PERFECT)! I would say we nailed the taper pretty well. We arrived at CDA on Thursday night and we were able to meet with our SLTC roommates for some delicious food. I prepped my raceday nutrition 2 days in advance to have a worry-free Saturday. My plan now consists of making super bottles. Kept my legs up and ate my go-to pre-race meal: Spaghetti and Meatballs.


Swim: After my pre-race ritual of no less than 2 trips to the porta-potty...(Let's just say the lighter you are the faster you will be hehe)...I planned to start the race 2nd.. It was great to have clear water due to the rolling start...but like always the first 300 meters hurt! My plan was to swim with the lead pack...but I was dropped almost immediately. Maybe luckily? The lead guy busted out a 48 minute swim! I was able to settle into a good size pack that worked together throughout the swim. My goal time was a 52 and I ended up at 54. I was happy.

Bike: This is where the hours of training really made the difference. I have been working with Wes for the last 2 years to put together a good bike split. I was conservative on the 1st loop of the 2 loop course as planned. At the first turn, I was in 6th. I ended up passing 2 more athletes pretty quickly at the beginning of loop 2, but after that it was a very lonely race. It was a "No Pro" race so we were leading the pack. On the second turn around I was third and hadn't made up much ground between 1st and 2nd place. CDA is not a particularly technical course, so this gave me plenty of time to focus on my nutrition plan and consistent wattage, I really enjoy racing with a power meter. It was great to see my BAM teammates along the way, as well as my wife and baby.

The volunteer at the special needs area was amazing and I lost minimal time. The rest of the second loop was evil. The wind picked up and it took focus just to stay in aero. The last 10 miles out on the 2nd loop felt like 50 grinding into the wind. Soon The second place man unfortunately had a mechanical and I was closing in on the first, Carson McDaniel (the dude who went 48 on the swim). He kept a close distance until the end. I was off the bike first with a 5:05. Still on track according to the master plan. 

Run: Last year I got off the bike and cramped so bad that I almost fell in the dismount area. This year was different I was able to dismount quickly and was able to run through transition! I'll chalk that up to better nutrition and fitness. I was well hydrated and had peed 3 times on the bike. The run hurt A LOT. I started running and made sure to keep my pace steady and easy in order to survive the whole marathon. I ran with a belt with my nutrition on me with a small super bottle. Our rental house was at the 2 mile mark of the 3 loop course which meant I saw SLTC and BAM 6 times in 26 miles. My wife and baby had a sign that read "VAI PAI" which means "Go Dad" in Portuguese. I may or may not have cried a little inside my glasses.

Carson had passed me, but started to cramp a little. I gave him a 'lets go' pat on the back and kept going. After a few miles I had the privilege to being first. This was surreal. It was exciting. I kept a steady pace around 7:45 and pushed through. Mile 10-12 is when it really started to hurt. It was hot and despite trying to keep up with water and salt I think I fell a little short. I saw Rory and he told me he had troubles with nutrition and got sick. That did not stop him from trying to help me. He ran with me for about a mile. He had a water bottle and offered me a drink. Thank you very much!

Jorge in the lead mid-way thru the run
My pace dropped and I was passed by the winner Kevin. He looked so strong and there was no way I would keep up with him. He deserved the win. With 4 miles to go I got passed by the second place man Brian. I tried to keep up with him and was staying just behind him until the aid station. I needed water and he just pushed through. 2 miles to go. Pain is now either my enemy or friend. It was hard.

The bike volunteer told me that some guys were coming fast from behind. I went by the VRBO for the last time. Andrew ran next to me and said that I HAD TO GO fast or I would be in trouble. He told me my son was waiting for me. I gathered my thoughts got some water at the last aid station and somehow found energy to push. I was running not shuffling and the spectators were great telling me the guy ahead was slowing down. I turned onto Sherman and I could see the finish. Brian was ahead a few hundred yards. I gave some high 5s and sprinted to the finish. It was a very cool finish because it was crowded with photographers as I had finished third. Kevin was there to congratulate the finishers and it was great to see him. A few swear words were said. I walked to my wife and son and it was incredible. Wes and the team were also there. They said you made it. You will be going to KONA. I ended up being 4th overall and 4th in my age group, stupid crazy fast 30-34. 2-6 places were separated by 40 seconds.

After the high, there was a pretty decent low. I ended up in medical tent with dehydration and spent a good hour drinking broth. The volunteer was great. She sat there and talked to me the whole time.

Once I was feeling better I met up with everyone. I was extremely excited and happy with the result. I was still nervous about my qualification because 4th is never guaranteed. But, either way I was happy. I had a good race. I broke 10 hours which was a big goal.
I had the chance to cheer some of my friends into the finish shoot. They all looked great. Nice work DUFF it was great to see you finish.

Lastly, I have to thank my AWESOME wife Ali. She never lost faith even after Texas. She put my needs ahead of hers. She took care of Enzo. She forced me to go get my workouts in when I was tired. I could not have asked for a better wife. Also, I have to thank WES, ANDREW, TEAM BAM and my training partners. Wes knows his stuff. He deserves a lot of credit. He always knew this was possible. I could not have done it without him. The athlete can only make it so far. Your coach will give you the tools to be able to put it together. Find a coach that fits your personality, be PATIENT, and trust them. Now its time to relax for a bit and prep for the Big Dance. I am excited to share this privilege with my wife and son and be able to tell him that daddy went to KONA, that right there makes all the suffering worth it.

If anyone is interested in further info about nutrition or other details feel free to contact me.

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