Thursday, September 22, 2016


As we were updating the Age Group Rankings yesterday, we had a thought… sure, we’re attempting to shower everyone with LOCAL HERO GLORY, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could hook people up with actual awards as well??

And we’re not just talking AG winners, podiums, etc. here… we’d love to reward other categories as well, for example “who got out and raced the most” in each AG, people who contribute Utah Tri Buzz content, etc. For next season we’ll also include a healthy list of “MIT” awards (Most Improved Triathlete) for each AG. Some half-baked ideas are in the works too, such as rewarding people who get friends/family off the couch and into the sport!

So along those lines, we're reaching out to our readers... do you have any ideas for potential sponsors of Utah Tri Buzz? 

Could be your employer, your own business, where a family member or friend works, etc, etc. Really any company in any industry that would be willing to support the cause.


1) There’s ZERO financial motivation for Utah Tri Buzz… EVERY penny (if there are any sponsorship funds at all) would go directly back to the community / awards / trying to do cool things

2) We’ll make it worth your while... nuff said

If you have any ideas or questions, please send them to You can also stay anonymous if you prefer (if you just want to refer us to someone and we’ll keep your name out of it).

It would be awesome to have a budget to do some of the things mentioned above, but if not that’s ok too. Appreciate you giving it a thought.


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