Saturday, October 8, 2016

Full List: Locals at Kona!

By our count there are 19 athletes with local ties racing the Ironman World Championships today. Please let us know if there's anyone we missed.

Watch race coverage and track the locals at Starts at 10:25 Mountain time.

Adam Hicken M4044

B.j. Christenson M3539

Brice Williams M4044

Dana Bullard F3539

Diane Tracy F6569

Emily Lanter F3034

Jen Johnson F3034

Jorge de Amorim Filho M3539

Laura Yost F4044

Luke Rothey M4044

Makinsie Bartholomew F1824

Marc Rosello M4549

Matt Davis M3034

Sam Hobi M4044

Sebe Ziesler M4044

Stuart Porter M5559

Sydney Tervort F6064

Tracy Campbell F4044

Trevor MacDuff M4044

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