Sunday, October 2, 2016

Utah Age Group Rankings (WALL OF FAME): Women 40+

With only one more race on the schedule (Lake Powell 10/22), it's time to roll out our "very close to final" WALL OF FAME age group rankings for the 2016 season.

Whereas so many of our friends and neighbors staggered out of bed to watch Saturday morning cartoons in their pj's, these individuals got out and RACED... (in fact, at least 3x in order to qualify for these rankings).

Here are amazing women in the F40+ and Athena divisions. As always, you can click on the picture below to make it a little bigger.

If you're friends with someone on the list, please spread the word so they can bask in their much-deserved glory!

A reminder on the methodology:

* Utah races only

* To be eligible, must have raced at least 3 of the 32 options below:
  • Icebreaker  (RaceTri)
  • Ironman St. George 70.3
  • Ghost Town  (TriUtah)
  • Salem Spring  (RaceTri)
  • Sand Hollow S/O   (BBSC)
  • Daybreak S/O  (USTriSports)
  • Rock Cliff S/O  (RaceTri)
  • East Canyon S/O  (TriUtah)
  • DinoTri S/O
  • Echo S/O  (TriUtah)
  • Toughman Utah Half  (RaceTri)
  • Jordanelle S/O  (TriUtah)
  • Escape From Black Ridge S/O (RaceTri)
  • Camp Yuba S/O  (RaceTri)
  • Brineman S/O/H  (TriUtah)
  • Kokopelli  S/O   (BBSC)
  • Bear Lake Brawl  S/O/H/F (On Hill)

* Ranking is an average of your Overall %... so as a simple example if you placed 60th out of 100 in one race, 500th out of 1,000 in another, and 40th out of 100 in another, you average out to 50% for the three;  keep in mind, if you raced more than 3x, we take the average of your top 3 results... that gives some incentive to race often, as you can only better your ranking each time you toe the line.

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