Sunday, November 6, 2016

Offseason Inspiration: BAM Headquarters

Need a little offseason inspiration?? Here are some pictures from my visit to BAM's Headquarters on Sat, along with information about their indoor cycling camps. Awesome vibe!

The first session begins tomorrow (Monday 11/7) but it's not too late to get involved.

In talking with BAM's Wes Johnson, this program was the foundation of 7 Kona qualifiers in 2016, in addition to multiple Rio paralympians, professional triathletes and beginners alike.

More info:

BAM coaches Andrew Stasinos & Wes Johnson

Jorge de Amorim Filho (AKA Doctor Delicious) & FPRO Skye Moench
putting in extra time for upcoming Ironman Arizona

Andrew Stasinos piercing Tyler Deskins ear... or maybe doing a lactate threshold test, which he explains a bit in the video below

As was the case with SLTC, unfortunately some people on the list weren't around on Sat... but I was able to give out awards to a few speedsters.

Haley Tadler chose a beanie (if I remember correctly), but I failed to get a picture of her :(

Jen Johnson - F3034 AG Champ

Keate Avery - M2529 AG Champ

Megan Foley - top ranked overall female 

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