Wednesday, November 23, 2016

RaceTri Announces 2017 Schedule

In case you didn't see the email, RaceTri just announced their 2017 schedule... check it out!

We'll update on other races throughout the state as their dates are announced.

Register Now:

The Ice Breaker April 8, 2017
Salem Spring May 13, 2017
The Toughman Utah Half July 15, 2017 Venue TBA
Camp Yuba Classic September 16, 2017

and maybe even more to come...

Multi-Event Discounts:

Grand Slam: Complete all of RaceTri's Sprint Distance Events (5 whole races) code - GrandRT2017

The Olympian: Complete all of RaceTri's Olympic Distance Events (4 whole races) code - OlyRT2017

The Triple Play: Complete one Sprint, one Olympic, and the Toughman Utah Half (3 whole races) code - TripleRT2017

The WORKS: Complete the longest distance available at every RaceTri event (6 whole races) code - WorksRT2017

You have to commit to all the events at the same time and you have to complete them to get the trophy.

Signing up with any of the multi-event codes will get you 20% off all the events that you enter using the code.

Sign up between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday using the code: GobbleGobbleGobble for 15% off any single event.

can you name this race?