Sunday, April 9, 2017

Results Breakdown: Ice Breaker 2017

The race isn't called "Perfect Spring Day"... it's called the ICE BREAKER.

While it always takes courage to sign up for races and show up the morning of, kudos to everyone who broke the ice yesterday despite Mother Nature's attempt to dissuade you.

Same as last year, we'll be breaking down results race by race. If you need a refresher or are new to Utah Tri Buzz, the idea is to show everyone's percentile for each discipline (simply your swim rank, bike rank, etc. divided by the # of total participants).

This way you can evaluate your performance on a more even playing field race to race, and eliminates the following scenarios:

1) Thinking you had a "bad swim," for example, when really the course was long and/or conditions were rough. Over time you can compare your results to see if your S% is improving, staying the same, or digressing race to race. Eg. you could see that "last year at Brineman my Swim % was 72% and I lowered it to 48% this year... my hard work is paying off!"

2) Taking too much stock in where you placed. "I placed 200th" doesn't necessarily sound very great, but if you're talking about St. George 70.3 you're ~10% overall and an animal in anyone's book!

Random selection, let's take Dan Miller as an example:

S% = 43%
T1% = 16%
B% = 12%
T2% = 19%
R% = 23%
O (overall)% = 16%

So for this race, he performed best on the bike vs. the field, had fast transitions, and a strong run. Swimming was his relative weakness at 43%. Make sense?

Remember, to qualify for Utah Tri Buzz rankings, awards, and swag (eg. most improved awards, # races, age group awards), you need a minimum of 3 local races.

The next few races that count towards that goal are: Ghost Town (Sprint - April 29th), St. George 70.3 (May 6th), Salem Spring (Open Water Sprint - May 13th), and Sand Hollow (Sprint & Olympic - May 20th).

You can click on any of the pics below to see them better, especially if looking on your phone.

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