Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 10 Utah Races: THE PEOPLE'S VOTE

Top 10 Utah Races Part 1 was based solely on # of participants, showing trending over the past few years.

For Part 2, we thought it would be fun to see what the people had to say, so we reached out to around 30 race connoisseurs with a simple question: what are your Top 10 Utah races?

We targeted people throughout the state, in addition to others we knew had raced a good mix of north and south. Ultimately 25 people responded: 15 men & 10 women, as well as a good mix of regular humans and freaks of nature.

Although not perfect, we feel it's a good sample size.

The "points" system is simple: a race got 10 points if it was #1 on someone's list, 9 points if #2, etc, etc, down to 1 point for #10.

Without further adieu, here's the consolidated Top 10 from all the lists we received. About half of the respondents added comments, which we've summed up in the bullet points.

Hope you enjoy!  Go to our calendar tab to find links to all these races and more.

#10 - Rock Cliff (60 points)

People Dig:
  • Beautiful venue
  • Jordanelle Reservoir
  • Bike course - some saying it's the best
  • Run course - unique half road/ half trail
  • Great production
General theme:
  • An underrated race

#8 (tie) - Jordanelle (63 points)

People Dig:
  • See Rock Cliff... same venue with similar positive attributes
General theme:
  • A classic!

#8 (tie) - Kokopelli (63 points)

People Dig:
  • Very well organized 
  • Great spectator race 
  • Sand Hollow Reservoir
General theme:
  • Great late season race

#7 - Herriman Black Ridge  (74 points)

People Dig:
  • Bike & run course: challenging but fun 
  • Proximity within the valley 
  • Great all-around race
General theme:
  • Several people credited RaceTri with adapting to circumstances and making the race fun no matter what (eg. The infamous rec center pool slide start when Black Ridge closed unexpectedly)

#6 - Salem Spring  (81 points)

People Dig:
  • Great pre-race atmosphere 
  • Great post-race party 
  • Salem bridge finish
  • Nice small town feel
General theme:
  • With no Olympic distance, several people called it the best sprint tri in the state

Chris Hammer on his way to the win at Salem

#5 - Daybreak  (92 points)

People Dig:
  • Point-to-point swim 
  • Great run course around lake 
  • Post-race atmosphere
General theme:
  • Great "urban" tri in the heart of Salt Lake valley

#4 - Icebreaker  (99 points)

People Dig:
  • The word "fun" was used in every comment 
  • Great way to kick off the season 
  • Great pre/post-race atmosphere 
General theme:
  • Organized chaos!

Aaron Shamy getting the crowd amped pre-race

#3 - Toughman Utah Half  (125 points)

People Dig:
  • Awesome run course 
  • Fast & fun 
  • Great half for beginners
General theme:
  • Rumors of a swim venue change in the works?

#2 - Echo  (139 points)

People Dig:
  • Deep, competitive field 
  • Good for beginners as well 
  • Great venue
General theme:
  • Many consider the Echo Olympic to be the most prestigious local race on the calendar

Local Legend B.j. Christenson at Echo

#1 - St. George 70.3  (159 points)

People Dig:
  • Challenging; a true test 
  • National field, with fun "bragging rights" among locals 
  • Community support
  • Worth the price
General theme: 
  • Scenery meets misery!

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