Thursday, May 18, 2017

Utah's Fastest Ironman?? Welcome Anatoliy Uspensky!

Is a newcomer among us currently Utah's fastest Ironman?? At a minimum, he's definitely in the conversation...  

Join us in welcoming and getting to know Anatoliy Uspensky, who recently moved from his home country of the Ukraine to Utah for work. Here he talks about US culture shock, what he likes and dislikes about Utah, and his amazing, Kona Qualifying IM debut at Ironman Texas last month.

Thanks for the time, Anatoliy, and best of luck at both the IM & IM 70.3 world championships this year!

What’s your athletic background and how did you first start in triathlon?

I’ve been doing triathlons back in high school, but quit in University and forgot about this sport for about 12 years. Started training again just in mid January 2016. My first and only major race last year was IM70.3 Budapest.

What brought you to Utah, and how long have you lived here now? Did you move here directly from the Ukraine or have you moved other places in between?

I’ve been working as a software engineer in Utah for about 9 months now. Moved here from Ukraine with my TT bike to support me. Straight from the airport began looking for good places to train. Thankfully Utah has plenty of great bike routes and running trails.

Whereabouts do you live, and have you been able to meet any training partners or do you train solo?

I prefer training solo. However, the local swimming team invited me to join them a couple times. I live in Draper about one mile away from the Draper Canal Trail, which is great for running. For bike, I usually go to Saratoga Springs and ride around the Utah Lake.

excellent timing!

What’s your “podium” of 3 things you really like and 3 things you really dislike about living in Utah?

Likes: Zions National Park, People, Bike rides. Dislikes: Snow and harsh weather changes, Imperial system (as in miles instead of kilometers, etc), traffic light intervals are very long in US.

Similarly, what were the 3 biggest “culture shocks,” or differences, you first experienced between the US & Ukraine?

1. Many pleasant and smiling people around. Unfortunately, that is the first thing that the eye catches and it’s a great contrast to people in Ukraine. 2. Imperial system again :). Even after a long time here haven’t got used to it. 3. Local bike and tri-race organization. Once again, pleasure in racing, training and the overall race atmosphere comparing to my home country.

Budapest 70.3

What were your expectations going into Ironman Texas? Was this your first Ironman, and was Kona a big goal going into the race?

First Ironman. Actually, I did not think about Kona much and been more focused on the race itself. On the opposite, for my coach, Kona was the major goal, the only reason that I should even sign up for the race in Texas :)

You were 3rd in your AG after a ~58 min swim, 8th after a 4:51 bike, and 7th overall after a 3:16 run. Were you aware of your position throughout the race, and when did you know that Kona was within reach?

I was not. I knew my finish place about an hour after the actual finish. I was hoping to do well on the swim and was a bit disappointed with the result when I saw the time on my Garmin. On the bike, I got completely lost about my placing. I passed some guys, others passed me, so it was impossible to keep track of where I was. And running was hard. I was focused on getting to the finish line as fast as I possibly can, and I do not remember much about what happened around during the running stage.

How many spots ultimately went to your age group? Were you nervous at the awards ceremony for a roll-down, or did you qualify automatically with 7th in your AG?

I missed the point that the slots allocation ceremony was on the next day after the race and had to change my flight tickets. There were 6 slots for my age group and I was 7th, so there was a chance that I will not get my Kona slot. I was shaking I was that nervous. Fortunately, guys who took 1st and 2nd places in my age group already had their tickets to Kona and I now I have mine.

How did you celebrate?

Had an extra day in Houston after the awards ceremony, so went to the NASA center, and then flew to California for a short vacation.

I know you did TriUtah's Brineman last year on the local scene. Will you do any other races between now and Kona?

The only 100% race for me now is IM70.3 Worlds in Chattanooga. I’ve got a slot for that race from the IM 70.3 Budapest 2016. I’ll probably do some local short distance races, maybe one or two IM70.3’s. But not sure right now.

Anything else you want to share?

Triathlon is my hobby and lifestyle. I like music, cars, basketball, professional cycling, Formula 1 racing, but triathlon leaves little time for anything else. However, this is not a wasted time for me because I enjoy training. Moreover, it is great sometimes to see people I love at the finish line - after the race is the best time to spend with them.

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