Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Results Breakdown: Ironman 70.3 St. George

As we also do with local races, excited to share our "Results Breakdown" for SG 70.3!

Basically, we crunch some #'s to show your percentile vs. the field for each discipline. The lower % the better, and this look helps you compare your own performance year over year, race to race (feel free to reach out if you want to see your #'s from last year's race as well). 

This post has more detail behind the results breakdown methodology if you're interested.

For example, former interviewee JC Smoot was 53% swim (his weakest), 12% bike, 7% run (his strongest), 14% transitions, & 10% overall. Alistair Brownlee was obviously crazy low (0%) for everything.

(Note, transitions are T1+T2 because the source data only had Swim, Bike, Run, Overall, so we had to back into the combined transition times)

Lastly, along with other Utah races, we'll use these results towards SWAG ANNOUNCEMENT 2017. Anyone who raced SG 70.3 from out of state will shake out of our overall rankings as the season progresses because they more than likely will not be racing the minimum of 3x locally to qualify for rankings, prizes & stuff.

Remember we take the average of your 3 best local races (overall %), so plan your season accordingly!

The next few qualifying races on the Utah calendar are: 

May 13: Salem Spring (Sprint) - Salem
May 20: Sand Hollow (Sprint & Olympic) - St. George
Jun 10:  East Canyon (S & O) - Morgan
Jun 17:  RockCliff (S & O) - Francis
Jun 24:  Daybreak (S & O) - South Jordan
              DinoTri (S & O) - Vernal

St. George 70.3 Results - 2017

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