Sunday, November 26, 2017

UTAH TRI CALENDAR 2018... (as of now!)

Need a little offseason inspiration?

Here's how things are shaping up for the inaugural Utah Triathlon Championship Series (UTCS) calendar.

As described here, the UTCS will be the basis for season awards, age group rankings, Most Improved awards, Championship Belt holders, Volunteer awards, and other swag, where to qualify we take the average of your top 3 races.

The series will conclude with Brineman as the 2018 State Champs, and you will not want to miss the great racing and season-culminating party new TriUtah RD Brogg Sterrett will provide. The State Champ venue will rotate annually, and we hope you'll get out and support this new endeavor on the local scene.

That said, there are other great races in the state, and although they're not part of the UTCS for 2018, they'll be vying to steal a spot for the following season.

This list is a work in progress... please contact us if there's a race you feel should be included. Please note that a strong preference will be given to races with an open water swim vs. pool swim.

Links to 2018 Championship Series races:

Ice Breaker
Salem Spring
St. George 70.3
Sand Hollow
East Canyon
Utah Half
Brineman (State Champs)

Links to 2018 Challenger Series races:

Utah Lake Olympic
San Rafael
Black Ridge
Southern Utah Tri

Support the local scene, get out and race, and bring a friend!

If you can't race, get out and volunteer!

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