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Kona Profiles #6 - Jess the Pocket Rocket Perry

The Ironman World Championships ("Kona") will be here before we know it, taking place Oct. 13th. As you know, it's incredibly competitive to qualify and a major accomplishment to do so. As we've done the last 2 years, we'll be catching up with our local Cinderellas... getting to know them as a tri community and cheering them on as they get ready for the ball!

Name:  Jess Perry

Age Group:  F3539 

Qualified:  Ironman Texas

Qualifying AG Place & Time:   2nd   9:40:09

Splits:  Swim 1:05    Bike 4:50    Run 3:37

For the background story on Jess' KQ performance, check out her Ironman Texas Race Report!

Qualifying for Kona after being so close before must have been a huge weight off your shoulders. How long were you in celebration mode after Texas?

What are you talking about... I am still in celebration mode. It is one of those things that you never stop being grateful for and that you appreciate. I CAN’T wait!!!

How has your season and training gone since qualifying in April?

It has been great! I have now been with Jen for over 2 years and every training block is different. It is awesome to look back and see where I started in my training and where I have progressed to.

Do you feel pressure to perform at Kona, or will it be more about enjoying the experience?

This time around it will be all for the experience! An Ironman is never easy though. It is still 140.6 miles so I am mentally preparing for the highs and lows that still come while trying to complete that distance, with all the elements the island will throw at us!

What are your expectations and/or goals for the race?

Honestly, to take it all in!!! The first time I ran Boston I bonded with that course because time was thrown out the window and I just enjoyed every moment, the hard, the easy and the awesome moments. I want Kona to be this same experience. I want to enjoy all of it, the good, the bad and all the ugly the course throws at us.

Ironman Texas F3539 top finishers

Ramping up for a spring Ironman followed by Kona makes for a long season. Have you felt burnt out at all or are you still enjoying swimming, biking and running? Like we asked Greg "Papa Bear" Peterson, which of the 3 do you hate most right now?

Not at all! I spent the summer in Lake Powell with my Kickr, open water swimming and lots of trail running! I mean I still put lots of time in but triathlon doesn’t consume my life. It is definitely in my top 5 priorities but usually finds itself landing in about the 3rd or 4th spot for me. I find as long as I am keeping it where it should be in my life and balancing my training around my life obligations, the burn out really doesn’t come. I get tired and annoyed with super long, monotonous workouts but not burnt out. I LOVE the sport and LOVE seeing in what new ways I can push and test my body so I just remember that on the days when getting out the door is hard.

What advice have you gotten from Jen, Jorge, and others about racing on triathlon's biggest stage?

Take it all in! Be ready for the Lows, because they still come. When Jen raced she had a similar attitude to me and was thinking PARTAY and she has admitted she wasn’t ready to hurt. But whether you are racing or completing, it is a LONG day so the hurt comes regardless!

Will you go with the same nutrition plan as IMTX or change it up at all?

Honestly I feel my nutrition is dialed in pretty well. I will carry some extra salt to help deal with the wind and heat but other than that I will try and just trust my body and make adjustments if I need to on race day.

this pocket rocket is ready for liftoff!

Whether you've raced or spectated, what's your podium for best venues on the local race scene?

I love them all. Sadly I don’t race much locally because we are really MIA most of the summer but I love Echo, Daybreak and the Brineman course seems pretty fun!

What do you envision for next season, will you be taking another run at Kona? Any races in mind?

Funny you should ask! I have Arizona 5 weeks after Kona and honestly that race is my focus. Kona is a good race prep day for that. Hopefully I can earn my spot for next year in Arizona and spend next year racing some halfs. I also would love to qualify and join a bunch of my teammates at the 70.3 World Championships in Nice next year also.

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