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Kona Profiles #8 - Jorge De Amorim Filho: The Champ is Here

The Ironman World Championships ("Kona") is tomorrow, and we encourage everyone to watch the coverage online and cheer on our local stars!

Name:   Jorge De Amorim Filho

Age Group:   M3034

Qualified:   Ironman Arizona

Qualifying AG Place & Time:   2nd    8:52:22

Splits:   Swim 54   Bike 4:44   Run 3:09

Thanks to Victor Villarreal for taking so many awesome pics this season!!

You've been around the Kona block before... does this year feel any different than prior years or more or less the same?

This year has been interesting. I should have talked to BJ because he has done 10, but the more you become aware of the power of the island the more you respect this place and how it takes down the best of the best. So, I am being careful and trying to be as prepared as possible. The build to this race has been good, but that does not take away the nerves on Saturday morning.

What lessons have you learned from prior Kona experience that you'll apply on race day?

I will try to be diligent in executing my nutrition plan, because that is really what will make a difference in the end. The last 10 miles of the race are HOT and you have to be prepared for it.

You finished 15th overall (including pros) and 2nd in your AG to a former pro to qualify at Ironman Arizona... can you give us a high level recap of how IMAZ played out for you?

IMAZ was one of those races that keeps you coming back. The weather was good which is a big help for me. The swim went well and I found a good pack and worked with them the whole time. The bike is a 3-loop course which allows you to see your competition at least in the first lap. I was not concerned about the other guys because I was going for a time. I checked my splits and I was exactly where I needed to be. I finished the bike and the legs were a little unhappy. During the run I didn't wear a watch. I wanted to focus on form and cadence. It worked. I had the best race of my life and was very pleased with my time. A Kona spot was just the icing on the cake.

How would you summarize your 2018 race season so far and training in general?

The season has been weird. Life has been a little crazy and I have been working in Pocatello, ID for a week at a time, which makes it hard for training. Luckily, Gentry and Laura are in Poky and I was able to train with them. It has been great. We are moving to Pocatello after Kona. There are some new kids in the triathlon scene that are really fast like Nick Dorsett and Roberto Porras and it is nice to see that the sport is growing and getting younger. Hopefully, the veterans will find some old man speed and give those guys a run for their money.

What were your thoughts on the inaugural State Championship race? (Brineman Olympic this year, which Jorge won)

I am 100 % behind the state championship. I also think it is important to have other awards like you did this year. It has been fun getting people into the sport and growing the community, however, competition is a part of life and we should embrace it. Sometimes you are competing for the win, but often you are competing with yourself to finish your first race, to get a PR, or to run the entire race without walking. A friendly competitive atmosphere builds the sport. I would love to see Andrew Hall, Nick Dorsett, BJ Christenson, Brice Williams, Adam Hicken, Gentry Yost, Lee Weatherhead, Rory Duckworth, Jacob Peterson, Tip Worob, Nat Harward, Nate Cook, Kyle Lewis, Sam Hobi, etc. (there are so many now that I can't even count) all on the start line together.

You were also the M3539 season champion, but you did get challenged locally, finishing 2nd overall at Daybreak and 3rd overall at Echo. What's your best distance would you say, and who are your toughest local and/or national "rivals" these days?

I think I like olympics but they really hurt. You are going hard the whole race and that makes for a very painful day. Like I said those young kids are faaaaaaaast and they will be faster than the old crew at the longer races if they make the jump. We have very strong athletes in the sport in Utah and I think that it depends on the race and who shows up healthy. I still think BJ is the fastest dude around, but Nick would give him a run for his money.

On that note, when you're on your game, are you now Utah's fastest Ironman? Any friendly wagers in the works with Brice, B.J., etc??

I don't think I am the fastest. I have seen a picture of BJ finishing Kona with a 9:0X on the timing board. Now that is fast. I have a really hard time in Hawaii tolerating the heat, so I think those guys have an upper hand. That does not mean I won't race hard. Those guys are great and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. If we cross paths on the course I will be happy to see my Utah friends and encourage them.

What's been your experience with the Intermountain Tri team during its inaugural season? Have you had the opportunity to mentor newer athletes to the sport?

I think that has been the best part about this year. Pioneering this mentorship program was one of our key goals- it's great to meet and talk to new triathletes. Who doesn't like to talk triathlon 24/7? I hope people start taking advantage of this program. We have big things coming this next season and a lot to offer our team members. We are working with Intermountain as well as Wes Johnson and the BAM coaches to provide athletes of all experience levels access to high quality accurate information and hands on clinics. Partnering high level coaching and a phenomenal healthcare organization to promote healthy, active lifestyles is a recipe for success.

What are your goals and/or expectations for the big day? Will you be racing IMAZ again this year after Kona?

Zero expectations. Just go out there and go hard, take risks, and if I die then be it. You have to thread a very thin line and burning too many matches is easy. Arizona is a favorite. I will be in Tempe.....

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just a gigantic thanks to my wife who takes care of me and little Enzo.

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