Thursday, December 22, 2016

Top 10 Utah Races Part 1: # Participants

As 2016 winds to a close, we thought it would be fun to do a little analysis on races in the state.

With an international field, St. George 70.3 is obviously the biggest Utah tri. Here's a look at participation over the last six years... from 2011-12 it was still a full Ironman, then a 70.3 from 2013 on.

Excluding SG 70.3, here were the top 10 local races in the state in 2016, solely in terms of participation (individuals, no relays).  These are from the races in our database (which were used for our ranking system)... apologies if we've missed any events.

You can also see trending over the last six years:

1) Sand Hollow (sprint/olympic combined): unfortunately looking at the trending, this May race has probably been hurt by SG 70.3... but it still drew the largest field this year

2) Echo (s/o combined): a Utah classic, barely edged out Kokopelli & Daybreak for 2nd

3) Kokopelli  (s/o combined): Sand Hollow Reservoir strikes again!

4) Daybreak (s/o combined): great venue, continues to grow 

5) Icebreaker: especially impressive as a sprint only race... becoming a must do season opener

6) Jordanelle (sprint/olympic combined): another Utah classic & legendary venue

7) Bear Lake Brawl (s/o combined, which are held on a separate weekend from their half/full): never done this one personally, but a great option especially if you live up north

8) Toughman Utah Half: outside of SG 70.3, Utah's largest half distance race. Look for this one to continue to grow, as attempts are reportedly underway to move the swim venue away from Utah Lake

9) Lake Powell (s/o combined): never done this one, but clearly a great venue. Pulls participants from multiple Southwest states

10) East Canyon (s/o combined): only been around a few years, but off to a great start!

Check out the calendar tab on our site to see these and other races. We'll continue to build that out as more dates are announced.

Lastly, of course just because a race didn't make this list doesn't mean it's not great... for what it's worth some of my personal favorites have smaller fields.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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