Friday, March 30, 2018

Course Preview Video: Salem Spring

With the 16th and sadly FINAL running of the Salem Spring sprint triathlon taking place in 3 weeks, we thought we'd re-post this "recon mission" from last year. This is hardly award-winning footage, but at least provides a refresher on the venue and course!

(on that note, if everyone had watched our Ice Breaker preview, no one would've gone a little extra on the bike course ;)

Check out the course videos below, and please share with friends/family who may consider giving Salem a proper sendoff on April 21st. If not racing, we hope to see you there as a volunteer!

Link to register: Salem Spring

Time for another recon mission! This time we venture ~60 min south of SLC to scout RaceTri's Salem Spring Triathlon.

In our Top 10 Utah Races: The People's Vote, a recurring theme from respondents was that Salem is a strong candidate for the best open water sprint tri in the state. It's great for beginners, yet with no Olympic distance race to compete against, the field is deep and competitive as well.

Salem Spring SWIM

Salem Spring BIKE

Salem Spring RUN

Main site: RaceTri

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