Sunday, March 25, 2018

Results Breakdown: Ice Breaker 2018

Congrats to everyone who participated at yesterday's Ice Breaker!

RaceTri's first event (and race #1 of the Utah Triathlon Championship Series) was a big success, with participation up ~50% from last season.

Next up is Salem Spring on April 21st, which will be its 16th and sadly last running due to decisions by the local government...

This is truly one of the great races in the state, and we hope you'll come out and support. We recently posted our Top 10 reasons to hit up Salem Spring, but now the top reason is this is probably your last chance!

So come out and support Salem one last time and the local race scene in general, and let's make 2018 an awesome season.

Below is the results breakdown for Ice Breaker, and this post explains what this is if you need a refresher.

Were you able to catch the Race Director??

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