Thursday, March 15, 2018


As we did with Ice Breaker (3/24, a week from Saturday) & Salem (4/21), here are our TOP 10 REASONS why you should go big or go home at St. George 70.3. We don't recommend you make this your triathlon debut, but if you have some races and training under your belt maybe these will push you over the edge...

10) We'll start off with an obvious one from "RED ROCK BACKDROP: Enjoy the unique and stunning natural surroundings of this Southwestern race." Yeah, yeah, yeah we know St. George is beautiful... NEXT!

9) If you're on the fence and this is an incentive for you, you have until March 19th for your race materials to be personalized (eg. your name on your race bib as well as some of the shirts they sell).

8) Being the North American 70.3 Championship race adds to the energy, and the pro forum on Thursday is always a good time.

7) The Utah Tri Buzz crystal ball predicts May 5th to be 65 degrees & partly cloudy, with 1-2 mph winds*

6) Race #3 of the inaugural Utah Triathlon Championship Series. Get a race or two under your belt in the spring months and set yourself up for a great season.

5) When it was being debated as to whether or not St. George 70.3 should be a Utah Triathlon Championship Series race, fast and wise Andrew Hall told us something along these lines... "we have to support St. George as well as the local races, or it will eventually go away." This rings true to us.

4) Snow Canyon will be a piece of cake for you this year, no doubt.

3) YOLO... go get another epic adventure!

2) Inarguably the most prestigious road triathlon in the state, with a national and international field.


Link to register: St. George 70.3

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