Wednesday, January 23, 2019

From Argentina to St. George 70.3 - Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez is a triathlete and new father from Argentina who will be making the journey to St. George for Ironman SG 70.3 in May. We thought it would be fun to get the perspective of an international athlete who will be racing our state's most prestigious triathlon.

Let's show our support for Pablo, his brother, and three friends who will all be racing.

After we pressed him, we were able to identify a specific need - if possible, they would love to rent or borrow bikes for the event rather than haul their own bikes thousands of miles. If you're able and willing to help a triathlete brother out, please don't hesitate to let us know!

What sports did you play growing up, and how did you first get started with triathlon? What, where, and when was your first race?

As a young man I played Soccer (a very popular sport in my country). Then I started my university study and there I began to do Triathlon. My first race was Short distance here on a beach 20 km from my city, in the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Have you done other Ironman 70.3 or full Ironman races and if so, where? Are there also some local triathlons near where you live?

I live in Patagonia, there are several triathlon races here, short and Olympic distance. Also in other places in my country there are more races, two 70.3 and a full Ironman. We have many options and very nice places to run.

What led you to choose St. George 70.3? What have you learned about the race?

I've been to St George, and I really like its natural landscapes and kind and good people. The Ironman 70.3 St George is a very prestigious race and a very challenging course. We will go for that challenge and enjoy the course.

Will you be traveling & racing alone or with family and/or friends?

I will travel with my brother and three friends who are going to compete as well. It will be a fantastic adventure.

What are your plans before and after the race?

We want to know St George and its surroundings, the national parks, the Grand Canyon and also the beaches of California. We love the West of the USA.

Is there anything we can do as a Utah triathlon community to help you out while you’re here?

We are looking on Airbnb for a house to rent, and if it is possible to get bicycles in St George for the competition. We travel from very far (approximately 11,000 km from our city) and flying with our bicycles is expensive in money, besides being uncomfortable to travel after the race through the USA. We would like to make new friends there, to be able to train together and share experiences.

How would you rank the swim, bike and run from your greatest strength to weakness?

My swimming and cycling are strong, my running not so much now. I had an injury to my leg and I had to stop running for a few months, but I hope to improve for May.

On Facebook it says you work for the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia - Can you tell us a bit about what you teach?

I have been working at the National University of Patagonia for 18 years. I am a first year Accounting professor in Economic Sciences. There I studied and I graduated as a Public Accountant and Economist. I really like my job, being able to help young students is my vocation.

You recently became a father, correct? How is that going so far?

Yes, my daughter was born on December 7, 2018. We are very happy with my wife. Our baby gives us joy and fills us with love every day. Watching her grow is wonderful. I will miss her when I go to the race, but the next trip we will go together 😀

Anything else you’d like to say or tell us about yourself?

We are very happy and excited with my friends for this trip to compete in the USA. We hope it will be fun, make good friends and get to know that great country. And we are going to invite you to one day come and run and get to know our land, the Patagonia Argentina, a place with lots of nature and beauties, in the South of the world, near where the American continent ends 😀


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