Thursday, June 21, 2018


THANK YOU for supporting Utah Tri Buzz and our efforts to "hype the local scene!" Like we did last year at our 1st anniversary, just for fun here are the top posts in terms of traffic over the past 12 months.

You can click on any of the titles (in red) to see the original posts.

Honorable Mention:

20) How Hard R U Willing to Go? Interview with Jake Peterson
19) Respect the RD! New TriUtah Owner Brogg Sterrett
18) Anonymous Trash Talk: No Matter What
17) Kona Profiles: Alison Amorim - MD & Mom
16) Ironman Crusher: Interview with Brice Williams

15) That Fish is Fast! Interview with Kate Westra
14) Top 10 Reasons to Break the Ice
13) 70.3 World Champs Race Report: Lee Weatherhead

12) New Utah Triathlon Team
11) Fast Family Man: Interview with Dan Cushman

And now on to the Top 10!

10) Most Improved Triathlete Awards

Perry Hacker was one of many recognized as an "M.I.T."
(Most Improved Triathlete)
9) Volunteers of the Year     

Justin Lynch and the others recognized do so much for
our local tri community

8) BAM FAM: New President Mark Thorum  

Marky Mark gave a great interview!
7) Kona Profiles: Rory Duckworth #NEVERQUIT

our "Kona Profiles" leading up to the Ironman World Championships
get a lot of traffic, and Rory is the epitome of #NEVERQUIT

6) Final Age Group Rankings 2017 - WOMEN

only 1 person per age group can hold the Utah Tri Buzz belt per season, but
everyone who qualified for the rankings is a champ in our book

5) Final Age Group Rankings 2017 - MEN    

ditto above!

4) Kona Profiles: Doctor Delicious   

Jorge de Amorim Filho AND his wife Alison both
represented at Kona last October

3) Local at Kona 2017 - RESULTS  

Keeping this pic from 2016 cuz it's just too awesome

2) Utah State Championship 2018!   

Last Oct. we announced the inaugural Utah Triathlon Championship Series,
with a rotating venue State Champs race (Brineman Olympic this year)

Kona Profiles: Tyler "The Natural" Howland

How did Tyler pull off the #1 spot?? Must simply be that he's truly "The Natural."


Special thanks to all who have pitched in over the past 2 years! As always, Utah Tri Buzz is open to your ideas & expertise. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to contribute in some way.   

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One-Year Anniversary: Greatest Hits

We started a Patreon account (link below) with the hope of raising few bucks towards awards & swag for athletes of all abilities in our tri community. We've given out a lot over the past 2 years, but would like to continue to expand our offerings & the volume we can do.

If you enjoy Utah Tri Buzz and would like to pitch in, any amount would be greatly appreciated... (there may be something in it for you as well!)

We're also always grateful for talented people who contribute in terms of time... let us know if you'd like to be part of the Utah Tri Buzz team.

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