Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ironman St. George 2020: COUNTY COMPETITION


1) THIS IS FOR FUN - build camaraderie with fellow Iron men & women in training who live near you and help each other prepare for the big day

2) Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate

3) Will be scored like a cross country meet - the top "x" (# TBD) per team will "score" for their team

For example, let's say after compiling the list of everyone participating we determine that each team has 25 people. From there we may decide that the Top 10 will "score" (for cross country meets it's typically 7 racing and the top 5 score, but we can use whatever #s we want).

So then race day comes, and let's say SLC West's top 10 finishers are (overall out of everyone racing): 100th, 250, 300, 400, 500, 550, 600, 650, 675 & 700.

Total that all up and SLC West's team score would be 4,725 which would be compared to the other teams' scores (lower score the better).

The remaining 15 people on the team wouldn't factor into the team score, so there's no pressure to "score," just do the best you can.  Make sense?

The teams are expected to break down something like this:

The Great State of Idaho

Potential names provided to us so far (super preliminary):
  • Laura Yost - point person for now
  • Gentry Yost
  • Jorge de Amorim Filho
  • Kenny McDaniel
  • Alan Wang
  • more to come!

WMD's: Weber/Morgan/Davis
(may be expanded north to state border)

Potential names provided to us so far (super preliminary):
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Brice Williams
  • Jeff Goss
  • Jen Pearson
  • Jeremiah West
  • Joshua Pay
  • Katie Voorhees
  • Kevin Mortensen
  • Lindsey Brown
  • Makinsie Bartholomew - co-point person for now
  • Manny Cypers
  • Melissa Coles - co-point person for now
  • Nate Cook
  • Nicholas Kippen
  • Paul Burger
  • Randall Steinfeldt
  • Spencer Summerhays
  • Troy Runnells
  • more to come!

SLC West (of I-15)
(may be expanded to include Tooele County)

Potential names provided to us so far (super preliminary):

  • Alex Whetman
  • Andy Iorg
  • Brian Hanson
  • Collin Swenson
  • Curtis Andrews
  • Jake Burt
  • Jose Jimenez
  • Kate Westra
  • Kim Wilkey
  • Lee Weatherhead
  • Mandy Oscarson
  • Marianne Bardsley
  • Marie Mullen
  • Matt Hearty
  • Mike Humphries
  • Nate Last
  • Nate Zarlengo
  • Rory Duckworth
  • Ruben Garcia
  • Scott Watko
  • Tim Duffy
  • Travis Iverson
  • Zach Shore
  • more to come!

SLC East
(may be expanded to include Summit County)

Potential names provided to us so far (super preliminary):
  • Alicia Brillon
  • Andrew Hall
  • Annabeth Dean
  • Dan Johnston
  • Jacob Barnes
  • James Stewart
  • Jason Foutz
  • Jill Wilson
  • Koji Aoki
  • Mick Campbell
  • Perry Hacker
  • Scott Woolsey
  • Shane Waterbury
  • Skye Moench
  • Thomas Risse
  • Tracy Campbell - point person for now
  • Zane Holmquist
  • more to come!

Utah & Wasatch Counties

Potential names provided to us so far (super preliminary):
  • Adam Hicken
  • Bill Fowler - point person for now
  • Bryce Beckstrand
  • Dan Miller
  • Eric Newren
  • Jason Raff
  • Keith Jensen
  • Kyle Lewis
  • Lauren Brandon
  • Rus Southwick
  • Shawn Barrington
  • Tia Dillman
  • Travis Orr
  • Tyson Alexander
  • more to come!

The South
(primarily Washington County but can be expanded)

Potential names provided to us so far (super preliminary):
  • Alex Colwill
  • Amber Blair
  • Brian Blair
  • Elizabeth Dansie
  • Ian Gerritsen
  • Kris Burlingame
  • Matt Bracken
  • Megan Mickelson
  • Shantel Pack
  • Shawn Jaca - point person for now
  • Sheila Mongeon
  • Shem Foster
  • Tad Porter
  • Tiffany Yeates Gust
  • more to come!

Possibly other teams depending on interest & location

For example, Vernal currently has:
  • Aj Rimmasch - point person for now
  • Katie Mathis
  • Lamoni Riordan
(may ultimately be combined with another team)

Shoot us a message or comment if you're in, or if you have friends to add to the list... the more the merrier!

Here are other names that have been sent to us, but we're not sure of location... we know there are a lot more of you out there as well!

  • Andy Alldredge
  • Bart Lee
  • Ben Christensen
  • Britney Chatwin Light
  • Catherine Karren Singer
  • Cody Hooch
  • Cody Jensen
  • Darby Mae Earle
  • Erica Roberts
  • Felicia Borchert
  • Heidi Whoodops
  • Jesse Loper
  • Jill Wilson
  • John Beckstrand
  • Jon Baker
  • Joni Blackmore
  • Kyler Cipriano
  • Libby Dikes
  • Lindsey (Triandtrialgirl)
  • Linsey Butler
  • Mark J Smith
  • Mark Olsen
  • Michael Stanley
  • Pike Reardon
  • Sina Sharifan
  • Spencer Harris
  • Toss Wetzel
  • Travis Ferran
  • Travis Isaacson
  • Troy Scott
  • Walker Clark




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